My Poetry And Prose-Page 5

Here is a collection of my poetry and prose writings that I have written over the years. Most of my writings were created and composed in my youth.

(192) The Blackberry Patch

I remember the blackberry patch,
Like it was yesterday,
With pail in hand,
I would pick berries and play.

It was on the hillside,
Our farmhouse was just below,
My mom and dad and me,
Every summer berry picking would go.

I ate some berries as I picked,
The thorns sometimes pricked my skin,
But berry picking was a lot of fun,
I sure wish I could go again.

(193) I'm Still That Little Boy

My hair may be turning gray,
But I am still that little boy,
Who played on the hill,
And raced about with youthful joy.

My little dog is gone,
My mother and father too,
But I am still here,
Wondering what I should do.

I don't feel like playing on the hill,
Or wading in the stream,
Maybe I will wake up soon,
And find this growing old was just a dream.

(194) Down A Country Road

I love going down a country road,
As it brings back memories of years gone by,
When I was a boy on the farm,
That sometimes bring tears to my eye.

It is not easy to let go,
Of loved ones who are gone now,
Of the happy memories of childhood.
But one has to go on somehow.

As the country road I drive,
The farm houses that I view,
And the roadside country scene,
Remind me of what once I knew.

(195) Oh Mighty River

Oh Mighty River!
The Mighty Mississippi!
I was born near your waters,
You've been a good friend to me.

My time is running out,
But you will always roll on,
Oh, mighty Mississippi!
You will never be gone.

Well, I am growing old,
And sometimes I'm feeling sad,
But you keep right on flowing,
And for that I am glad.

(196) Infinite Whirls

Intangible shapes formed in thought,
By the sheathed ganglia wrought,
Once they were of life's panorama,
Now they enfold a dream's misty drama.

Am I now here or was I there?
It seems now I am almost everywhere,
The mind is not mine anymore,
I am not contained there like before.

For now my thoughts are infinitely whirled,
colors, patterns, shapes vividly unfurled,
As I rapidly travel over valley and peak,
On a journey of which I cannot speak.

(197) A Friend Is Like An Angel

A friend is like an angel,
Sent from heaven above,
Just when we think no one cares,
Someone shows us some kindness and love.

The world can sometimes seem cruel,
And a lonely place and cold,
Especially when we are down,
and when we are sick or getting old.

But a friend can make things better,
And make the world seem right,
Just with a kind word or smile,
A friend turns our world bright.

(198) Flowers In Our Garden

In the garden of our life,
Every friend is a beautiful flower,
Who brightens our world,
And gives us happiness each hour.

Even though the world can be harsh,
And sometimes we feel sad,
Our friends can change all that,
And help us to feel not so bad.

Like the lovely flowers in our garden,
Friends cheer us up each day,
Giving us reason to be happy,
And taking our cares all away.

(199) Points Of Light

All around the earth appears,
People whose hearts are good and kind.
Like points of light in the darkness,
These angels on earth we find.

They are from all races, genders, and creeds,
These understanding compassionate souls.
For the good of all humanity,
Are their worthy and unselfish goals.

These angels of truth and light,
Fill our world with unconditional love,
And we are all much better off for them,
These hallowed ones sent to earth from above.

(200) A Guardian Angel

I believe each of us has a guardian angel,
Who watches over us here below,
Who protects us from danger,
And guides us everywhere we go.

There are times we just avert an accident,
Or feel something is just not right,
Have second thoughts about a trip,
Or have a sudden burst of insight.

This special angel watches over us,
From our birth unto our death,
And even though our angel we cannot sense,
Sometimes we seem to feel a gentle breath.

(201) Some People Are Rainbow Makers

Some people are rainbow makers,
Some people are happiness awakers,
Some people fill a room with light,
Some people light up the night;

Some people are filled with love,
Some people are like angels from above,
Some people always have a smile,
Some people are cheerful all the while;

Some people are generous and giving,
Some people make life worth living,
Some people are always kind,
How fortunate are we such people to find.

(202) Rainbow People

Some people are rainbow people,
They are as beautiful as the rainbow,
Filled with sunshine and hope,
And like the rainbow they glow.

Rainbow people are wonderful beings,
Who are always giving and kind,
Who always care for others,
And who have a loving heart and mind.

Rainbow people brighten our world,
With their compassionate spirits of light.
Rainbow people are angelic souls,
Who save us from the night.

(203) Where's All The Rainbows Gone

It has been a long, long time,
Since I've seen a rainbow in the sky.
Where's all the rainbows gone?
I would sure like to see one before I die.
Where's all the rainbows gone?

When I was a little boy,
I saw rainbows almost every day.
Where's all the rainbows gone?
How come the rainbows have all gone away?
Where's all the rainbows gone?

Now that I'm old and don't see so well,
I don't see any rainbows anymore.
Where's all the rainbows gone?
I wish I could see rainbows like before,
Where's all the rainbows gone?

(204) Rainbows Give Hope

Sometimes when we feel depressed,
Then we see a rainbow,
And all our unhappiness goes away.
Why it is I don't know,
But it always seems to be so.

It is really like a miracle,
How a rainbow always hope revives,
Even when things are at their worst,
Hope in the heart once again thrives,
And happiness again enters our lives.

I know some people may doubt,
But you just wait and see,
When life is more than you can bear,
And you are sad and unhappy,
I know there will a rainbow be.

(205) Misty Blue Dream

I had a dream and the sky was misty blue,
I was young again and there was a pretty view,
It was warm and I was by the sea,
And everyone there was so kind to me.

There was a beautiful waterfall,
And the trees were awesome and tall,
There were lovely flowers and bells ringing,
And the sweet sound of birds singing,

I heard someone call my name,
I looked that way, but no one came,
Suddenly there was this bright light,
And then I awoke in the middle of the night.

(206) The Purple Pearl

Within the folded shell,
Formed in an ancient sea,
A purple pearl did dwell,
A thing of beauty came to be.

In the darkness hid away,
No mortal eye could view,
Until some far distant day,
When the pearl's shell withdrew.

Then like a bird's first flight,
Or a butterfly from a cocoon,
The purple pearl shone bright,
Beneath the purple moon.

(207) The Blue Sky

The sky, the beautiful blue sky,
Since my youth you have covered me,
Have protected and sheltered me from harm,
And provided a pleasant view for my eye;

Serenity engulfs my heart and soul,
As into your azure depths I peer,
Your deep blue hues compose my thoughts,
And take away my sadness and fear.

Even during my latter years on earth,
I continue to be entralled by you,
And find within your cerulean vistas,
A peace which not even life's trials can undo.

(208) Blue Moon

Blue moon looking down on me,
Blue moon where have you been?
I've been feeling sad and lonely.
It is sure good to see you again.

Blue moon where did you go?
How come you left me all alone?
I don't have many friends you know.
I get lonely when your gone.

Blue moon up in the sky,
Don't leave so long like before,
I think that I might just die,
If you don't come back anymore.

(209) Blue Roses

I wish to give you blue roses my friend,
And hope our friendship does never end,
Because good friends are hard to find,
Especially friends like you so kind.

These roses soon will fade away,
But our friendship is here to stay.
For when all is said and done,
Is not friendship important to everyone?

This world can seem very cold,
Without the hand of a friend to hold,
So these blue roses I give to you,
In honor of our friendship so true.

(210) The First Bluebird of Spring

The first bluebird of spring,
Is always a joy to me,
When it first commences to sing,
It sets my spirit free.

After the winter long and cold,
It is always a time of gladness,
Once again the bluebird to behold,
And let go of my gloom and sadness.

So it is in the spring each year,
When the first bluebird I spy,
A treasured moment I hold dear,
And to the winter I say goodbye.

(211) Wish Upon A Falling Star

When I see a falling star,
I say a wish for you,
I wish that wherever you are,
That all your dreams come true;

I wish you happiness and love,
Every moment of your day and night,
I wish you all good things from above,
And may all your days be sunny and bright;

I wish fulfillment in life you know,
And that all your goals in life succeed,
And that wherever you go,
Life fulfills your every wish and need.

(212) The Stars

Twinkling stars in the night,
Shining down on earth below,
Like beacons shining bright,
In the dark sky they warmly glow.

Sometimes the stars seem so far away,
And other times within reach appear,
Glittering in bright and joyous array,
And like kind friends seem so near.

A peacefulness comes over our heart,
When looking up at a star filled sky,
And our troubles and woes seem to depart,
As we gaze at the lovely stars on high.

(213) The Light Of Being

In the dark a flickering ray,
In Eternity does play,
Like sunlight on a wall,
As the evening shadows fall.

Somewhere in time and space,
Our being does briefly grace,
The portal of the now,
And our light exists somehow.

Our being is like a light,
A star shining in the eternal night,
And like a star does glow,
Until like a dying ember we go.

(214) Starlight and Moonbeams

It's said Starlight and moonbeams have a magical quality,
And if you can catch their light in a jar,
And save it there for all to see,
Then it emits this special power.

I've had no luck capturing the miracle light,
So I don't know if it is really true,
But maybe I will try again some other night,
When the moon and stars are shining anew.

Starlight and moonbeams are difficult to keep,
And the older I get the less hope have I,
And the more I tend to drift to sleep,
Than try capturing mystical light from the sky.

(215) The Brightest Star

Above the manger at Bethlehem,
The brightest star did shine,
Where Jesus was born
On that first Christmas morn,
And the star was given as a sign.

The light of that bright star,
Still brightens our world today,
Filling our hearts with love,
And the love of our Saviour above,
Can take our sadness and pain away.

In a world of sorrow and darkness,
Where anxiety and uncertainty abound,
The miracle of that glorious light,
Shines brightly in the dark night,
And love and peace are found.

(216) Nature's Song

A symphony of delightful sounds,
A pleasurable mix of music abounds,
In every forest glade,
And about every bowery shade.

The Sylvan orchestra delights the ear,
As the wondrous songs of nature we hear,
Soothing our troubled hearts,
With the peace that it imparts.

In our youth we were attuned more,
To nature's vast musical store,
For with age comes the senses demise,
And a loss of childhood wonder we realize.

(217) Happy Bird Songs

Bird songs always sound happy,
Like they are glad to be alive;
Their joyful songs ring from tree to tree,
And a happiness from their singing we derive.

I wonder why the birds are so optimistic,
And why their songs never seem to be sad?
Why do the birds never seem pessimistic,
But always seem to be happy and glad?

The secret the birds seem to know,
About how to be happy everyday,
For they sing everywhere they go,
Even when skies are dark and gray.

(218) The Night Bird

I remember the night bird's song,
As it used to sing in the spring,
But it has been so very long,
Since I have heard the night bird sing.

I was just a little child then,
When the night bird sang to me,
And if only I could hear it again,
How wonderful that would be.

It was called the whippoorwill,
And with it's song the countryside rang,
But now the nights are lonely and still,
Not like when the night bird sang.

(219) The Yellow Warbler

Once upon a time I heard,
Sweet singing like I had never heard before;
I had just awakened to the song of a bird,
Singing just outside my front door.

At first I thought it was a dream,
For so beautiful it did sing;
From a dream or paradise it did seem,
Not from this world could such beauty ring.

Then from my doorway I did spy,
A tiny yellow bird in the tree,
Which suddenly then away did fly,
Leaving the lonely silence again for me.

(220) Weeping In The Shadows

No one heeds the innocent as they cry,
No words of comfort do they hear,
Like outcast lepers they do sigh,
Without a friend or loved one near.

Hardened hearts turn the other way,
No tears of compassion do they shed,
But do their alms of mercy another day,
Unconcerned about the innocent nearly dead.

It seems we have lost our love for one another,
That we no longer feel for those in pain,
And no more do we care for each other,
But care only for selfish pleasure and gain.

(221) The Harbor Lights

Some wayward soul comes this way,
Lost in the darkness far from shore,
The lights may guide him safely to the bay,
And he may wander sad and lonely no more.

Cast a light upon the dark sea,
A lost soul may be wandering there,
And the light of your loving-kindness may see,
And may know that someone for him does care.

Our lives here on this earthly plane,
Were meant to be lived in love and caring,
In helping others and easing pain,
And in giving, ministering, and sharing.

(222) The Tempest

The tempest rages upon the sea,
Caught in the fury are you and me,
Like flotsam tossed here and there,
With nary an anchor or friend to care.

So it seems sometimes in life's trek,
That like in the tempest we are shipwreck,
Cast about helplessly by the furious storm,
Without a kind being to save us from harm.

We think if we can last until the storm subsides,
That perhaps we will find where peace abides,
For it is often after the darkest hour is past,
That the dawn awaits to save us at last.

(223) Light One Small Candle

Behold the desperate throng pass by,
Assailed by the unmerciful foe,
Hear the burdened ones cry,
Who have no safe haven to go.

Outside the portals of grace,
The lost and hopeless wail,
With looks of anguish on their face,
As into despair and darkness they sail.

If only a small candle we light,
In the world of darkness around,
It may save one from the dark night,
And their way to salvation may be found.

(224) You Didn't Know

Yesterday I was feeling low,
But you didn't know,
Your kind words helped me through,
And I no longer feel so blue.

I felt like I had no place to go,
But you didn't know,
Still you made life seem not so bad,
And for that I'm really glad.

Sometimes when the world seems grim,
And our troubles flow over the brim,
Someone's kind words may help us so,
Even though they may never know.

(225) The Sound Of Music

Life would be so sad and drear,
Without the sound of music found,
For music even the angels love to hear,
And all creatures delight in musical sound.

Music seems to exist almost every place,
To be indigenous to all cultures on earth,
An integral part of every land and race,
And an important part of our life from birth.

I think that music may a necessity be,
As vital to life as food or drink,
For music alone sets our spirits free,
And gives us beautiful thoughts to think.

(226) The Power Of Music

Music has a miraculous power,
To soothe a troubled heart,
To uplift, encourage, and inspire,
And comfort to the grieving impart.

Music has the power to help one cope,
And overcome the trials of life,
To believe again with renewed hope,
Despite the world's troubles and strife.

Without music life would be so grim,
For there would be no melody and song,
And such a fate would us condemn,
To be sad and forlorn all day long.

(227) The Language Of Music

Music speaks the language of the stars,
Music speaks the language of the flowers,
Music speaks the language of love,
Music speaks the language of the clouds above;

Music speaks the language of the trees,
Music speaks the language of the breeze,
Music speaks the language of the birds,
Music speaks a language beyond words;

Music speaks the language of the sea,
Music speaks the language of you and me,
Music speaks the language of the sun,
Music speaks the language of everyone.

(228) Music All About

There is wondrous music about in the forest green,
There is lovely music in every woodland scene,
There is the music of the leaves rustling in the breeze;
There is the music of the rain dripping from the trees,

There is delightful music all day long,
There is the music of the bird's song,
There is the music of the stream that flows,
There is the music of the wind that blows;

There is a musical orchestra all around,
There is a beautiful cornucopia of sound,
There is a harmonious rythmic sound array,
Which we are blessed to hear each and every day.

(229) The Happiness Of Youth

I remember days gone by,
When the world seemed bright and new,
With happiness I looked at the sky,
And I rarely felt sad or blue.

With age often comes sadness inside,
And a viewpoint more somber and dark.
But in youth life seems a carnival ride,
A joyful picnic in the park.

I pray that it will always be so,
That youth will always with hope bloom,
And with freshness and joy glow,
Without a hint of sadness or gloom.

(230)� The Soft Moonlight

The soft moonlight glows,
The stars brightly shine,
The little stream gently flows,
A peaceful night is mine.

I know not what tomorrow holds,
Nor what awaits beyond the veil,
But this night of tranquillity enfolds,
As in a gentle dreamland I sail.

So I will enjoy the lovely moonlight,
For life tomorrow does not guarantee.
I am at peace and content this night,
To enjoy what time is left for me.

(231) The Cemetery

The dead lie beneath the rows of stones,
Once they lived and breathed the air,
Now here rest interred their bones,
No more have they worry or care.

In stone their engraved name,
Is their only identification now,
Buried with them their deeds and fame,
Their stone will only a few etched lines allow.

No stone can adequately portray a person,
The triumph, the heartbreak, the conflict,
The hopes, struggles, and emotions of someone,
A cold tombstone a living being can't depict.

(232) The Dayspring

Behold the golden beams of light,
Bursting forth shattering the dark,
Severing the sleeve of night,
And giving the day its spark.

Who knows what worlds awake?
Who knows what beings are reborn?
For a wonder is the daybreak,
And a miracle is each new morn.

Perhaps in some other dimension,
We will discover life is eternal dawn,
That our soul is ever in suspension,
And that the light of being will live on.

(233) Love

Love is like a fire,
That burns for eternity.
Love is like a star,
That shines everlastingly.

Love is like a moon,
That glows in the night.
Love is like a tune,
That sounds just right.

Love is everything good,
That dwells all around,
Without love darkness would
Be the only thing found.

(234) The Spirit Of Love

The spirit of love is kind,
And suffereth long.
The spirit of love envieth not,
And glorieth not in the wrong.

The spirit of love thinketh no evil,
And seeketh not her own.
The spirit of love is not easily provoked,
And by gentleness and mercy is known.

The spirit of love doth not behave unseemly,
And doth not rejoice in iniquity.
The spirit of love rejoiceth in the truth,
And in faith, hope, and love for eternity.

(235) Everyone Is Special

Everyone is special in their own way,
Everyone has something important to say,
Everyone has a special light shining bright,
Everyone is a unique star beaming in the night;

Everyone has their own song to sing,
Everyone is talented and gifted at something,
Everyone has their own unique qualities,
Everyone has their own special abilities;

Everyone is a pearl of great price,
Everyone is a bird of paradise,
Everyone with hope and love doth trod,
Everyone is a special person to God.

(236) Lemonade

When life hands some people lemons,
They make it into lemonade,
They don't let life get them down,
And of life's worst they are unafraid;

To them the glass is always half full,
They always look on the bright side,
They never dwell on past misfortune,
But always with hope in the future abide;

They have their share of problems and woes,
They are no different than you or I,
But their cheerful optimism prevails,
When we would tend to despair and cry.

(237) Christmas Love And Peace

May Christmas love and peace abound,
May hope and joy reside in every heart,
May peace on earth be found,
And may each of us do our part;

May the spirit of Christmas live,
In our hearts the whole year through,
And may we continue gifts to give,
And our love share, and kind deeds do;

As we celebrate our Saviour's birth,
May we lift our thoughts above,
May we pray for peace on earth,
And may we all kneel in prayer and love.

(238) Christmas Morning)

Christmas morning is like no other,
There is such love for one another,
Good will and happiness is all around,
And no hint of malice is to be found.

Children unwrap their gifts around the tree,
Their eyes are filled with happiness and glee,
The wonder and beauty of the sight,
Makes our hearts sing with delight.

Such wondrous sights, sounds, and smells,
That every eye misty with a tear wells,
And fond Christmas memories recall,
For Christmas morning is a joy for all.

(239) Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to be glad,
And be thankful for our many blessings.
It is a time to reflect on the life we've had,
And pray as we eat our turkey and dressing.

It is a time for families to come together,
And renew the bonds of family love,
A time to draw closer to one another,
And to give praise to God above.

Thanksgiving is the one time of year,
When we can stop and be at peace,
When hearts in common may find cheer,
And words of thankfulness may release.

(240) Let Us Give Thanks

Let us give thanks,
For this day,
For this moment in time,
For the miracle of life;

Let us give thanks,
For family and friends,
For each act of kindness,
For love we've been shown;

Let us give thanks,
For shelter and food,
For the health we enjoy,
For the beauty around us.

(241) Little Hummingbird

Little hummingbird in the tree,
Now flying to the feeder and back to me,
What is it that you want me to see?
Your feeder is empty, hey?
Well, please won't you stay?
I'll fill you feeder right away.

I'm sorry I neglected you,
Sometimes I forget things to do,
If you leave I will be blue.
For you are always a happy sight,
You ever make the world seem bright,
You are a tiny bundle of joy and delight.

(242) Shorty

I got Shorty when I was three,
My Aunt Laura gave him to me.
A little white dog was Shorty,
A brown spot on his forehead had he.

Shorty and I used to run and play,
We were together almost every day,
Through sunny days and gray,
I wish those days had never went away.

He was the best friend I ever had,
Except for my mom and dad.
When Shorty died I felt really bad.
For a long time I was very sad.

(243) The Full Moon

It was an eerie night,
The full moon was shining bright,
And ghostly shapes seemed to appear,
In the moonlight far and near.

The wind made a wailing sound,
As it stirred the leaves all around,
Dark clouds over the moon draped,
And the trees appeared ghastly shaped.

Then was heard a horrid moan,
An unearthly supernatural groan,
As if from a demon from the depths of hell,
Everything was under the full moon's spell.

(244) The Haunted House

The old house stood battered and worn,
The windows broken, the curtains torn,
The roof's shingles all blown away,
And the siding weathered and gray.

The trees around it were dead or dying,
And the remnants of flowers seemed sighing,
As if all life and hope were abandoned,
And that eternal doom was commanded.

Around the old house storms often brew,
At night a wild wailing wind often blew,
With a maniacal thunder and lightning display.
Nothing could drive the evil away.

(245) The Grave

The grave beckons us at last,
The final resting place,
When our time on earth is past,
And we have run our race.

Fame, fortune, what profit are they?
The grave distinguishes not,
For when we have passed away,
Nothing anymore of earth have we got.

We all lie down as one,
In that abode of the dead,
For when our life on earth is done,
In the grave we make our bed.

(246) Autumnal Magic

The pumpkins are ripe on the vine,
The leaves are falling from the trees,
In autumn everything is fine,
As the leaves fly about in the breeze.

In autumn the skies are the deepest blue,
And the nights are crisp and cool,
The sun shines brightly the whole day through,
And the mornings are frosty around the pool.

The trees display their colorful foliage array,
The apples are ripe, and grain ready to harvest,
Autumnal magic exists almost every day,
For pleasant weather and beauty autumn is best.

(247) No Happy Ending

Solutions are not always there,
Sometimes there is no way out,
Sometimes life isn't always fair,
Sometimes all we can do is shout.

Sometime the deck against us is stacked,
Sometimes we have run out of luck,
Sometimes our dream world is cracked,
And in a kind purgatory we are stuck.

Sometimes there is no happy ending,
Sometimes things only seem to get worse,
Sometimes it seems doom is pending,
And that around the corner looms the hearse.

(248) The Human Spirit

Maybe tomorrow things will be better,
That is what we tell ourself each day,
Even though everything seems so grim,
We never completely cast all hope away.

We are programmed to always have hope,
Even when there is no reason for it,
Even when common sense rules it out,
And I guess that is why we never quit.

Because the human spirit never gives up,
Never sees a mountain too high,
Or an obstacle too great to overcome,
That is why we never say die.

(249) The Life Force

The essence of stars,
And of beautiful flowers,
That which being ignites,
And thought itself lights;

Even in the depths of the sea,
Forms of life come to be,
And like the phoenix of yore,
Seems to rise evermore;

What is this force so great,
What is this miraculous state,
That spark which life kindles,
And which in an instant dwindles?

(250) Trick Or Treating

A trick or treating we will go,
What we'll get we don't know,
Hopefully there will be lots of sweets,
And we will get a bag full of treats.

Little ghosts and goblins are we,
So filled with happiness and glee,
A trick or treating down the street,
Saying boo to everyone we meet.

It is that wonderful time of year,
That children and grownups hold dear,
When colorful costumed tykes are seen;
It is that spooktacular holiday, Halloween!

(251) Chance Or Fate

Is it chance or fate,
That governs our life's state?
When all is said and done,
And when the race is run,
Who is to say what prevailed,
What determined we won or failed?

Perhaps it is a roll of the dice,
Or some other fated device,
One person goes to Yale,
Another person goes to jail,
One person becomes a monk,
Another person is a drunk.

Maybe it is all up in the air,
And happiness or despair,
Success and failure too,
Are decided by me and you,
By our attitude and thought,
Our life may be wrought.

(252) Jack O' Lantern

Jack O' Lantern in the window,
How brightly your eyes do glow.
On this the night of Halloween,
How warm your smile does seem.

Jack O' Lantern you are a friend,
Who kindly smiles without end,
You are so radiant in the night,
Everyone is enchanted by your light.

Jack O' Lantern won't you stay?
Why must you always go away?
It would be good if you could last,
And glow on after Halloween is past.

(253) In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see,
The depths of eternity,
The happiness of being,
The darkness fleeing;

The wonder of it all,
The raindrops that fall,
The reason to be alive,
The hope on which I thrive;

The sun in the sky,
The birds that fly,
The glory from above,
The essence of all I love.

(254) Soul Essence

Blue waves in balmy seas,
The scent of morning evermore,
The waft of lilacs in the breeze,
The white sands upon the shore;

The distant sunset's warm glow,
The manatee basking in a cove,
The tide's rythmic ebb and flow,
The birds flocking in a drove;

The silver moon in the night,
The stars flickering array,
The golden dawn's first light,
The faint breath passing away.

(255) Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's child is full of woe,
And does much sorrow know.
Wednesday's child has a life,
That is filled with much strife.

For Wednesday's child all the while,
The world is full of bitter bile,
And unhappiness all life long,
With sadness as life's only song.

So while others may laugh and sing,
And find happiness in most everything,
And run all about and games play,
They were not born on a Wednesday.

(256) Sunset

I will ever revere sunsets. I don't see enough of them. No, I don't get out and look up at the sky enough. I am too concerned about my own little world I guess, too distracted and distraught at life's little everyday occurrences. But every now and then I come upon a sunset unexpectantly, and I halt in silent awe and admiration.

My mind ceases to race and my chaotic thoughts congeal and gather peace. The problems and vexations of the moment lose their weight in the calm reflections of the departing sun. My throbbing temples are relieved as the twilight lenghthens.

And I think to myself, "why don't I do this more often"? No opiate could perform a greater respite. It is remarkable the relief of tension that perfectly natural wonders provide us. Though of course they require our response, that's all, just a simple awareness. There is something hopeful about sunsets, and they make us feel the world is good.

(257) The Wind

How delightful is the wind.
It is my oft returning friend,
Blowing so gently through the trees,
So soothing is the breeze;

Whistling by my window sill,
Blowing when all else is still,
Sweeping over the fields of grass,
How gently it does pass;

Swift, unseen it goes on by,
Running its errand from the sky,
Howling within the dark of night,
Somewhere beyond my sight;

Twisting in the raging storm,
Countless images the mind does form
As outside the the strong wind does roar,
Falling, then rising more.

The wind both gentle and strong
Unto my fancy does belong.
Wondrous images unto my heart
The fond wind does impart.

(258) Lifting The Human Spirit

Anything that lifts the human spirit is worthwhile. We must make the move to the clouds when we can, else unknowingly we may sink into the mire. Life is a higher thing than we commonly believe. People have been at work for centuries to make life seem like a small and mean thing.

We are part of a magnificent universe which is literally beyond our imagination, and no one who could conceive of its immensity could possibly think of existence in small terms.

The wonders of Creation are ours to perceive. Why are we so blessed? Whatever our role in the universal scene it certainly must be one of importance, for it is given unto us the capacity to comprehend this handiwork.

(259) The Storm

Without warning comes the storm,
A massive and billowing form,
A thing of power
Which seems with itself at war.

Behold the bright lightning flash!
Hear the rumbling thunder clash!
Know the storm is near,
Know it is almost here.

How dark the sky is growing!
How strong the wind is blowing!
Hear the sound of thunder!
An awesome sight of wonder!

Huge clouds rolling on high!
A majestic scene in the sky!
Coming now with great speed,
It will be a great storm indeed!

(260) The Magic In the Air

Even now the sound is fainter. The time was when I could almost hear the laughter of dawn as I awoke in eager anticipation of the new day. The time was when I could almost hear the flowers whispering little songs of love to one another in the glade.

The time was when I could hear nighttime sounds of joy, and peace, and happiness from all the frogs and insects. There was a time when my ears heard only music in the wind, and when the wind through the trees and grass played a melodious strain. There was a time when sound was sweetness to my heart, and beauty abounded in every sound.

But we awake one morning and the world is sinister, and evil is lurking in every corner. The sounds are threatening and oppressive. People murder, plunder, and destroy. The world is cold, the elements are cruel, and the storms are destructive.

Life is a fever to know, to act, and to be. Simplicity, beauty, happiness all melt away like our childhood dreams. The grim specters of wars and famines stare us in the face, greed, hatred, and jealousy retch our insides, and fear, suspicion, and discontent bloody up our thoughts. Lost is the magic in the air that filled us with ecstacy before we knew better.

(261) The Eternal Questions

It is the purpose of the human soul to ask. It is never wrong to question. All the evil lies in never posing questions. When we cease asking questions our usefulness as a human being ends.

We are given thought to seek solutions. Thought itself is a pyramid of solutions. Our being is vibrated toward discovery. All the motions of the universe have swung us in that direction.

We are to cast a ray of understanding in a dark corner. We are to ask the eternal questions. Our task is to incessantly seek to unravel the mysteries of time and space.

It is our hour. The world has been waiting for us all these many ages. Now it is our day to look around and understand. We have been cast upon the shore by the waters of time. We are as old as the burned out stars of a distant nebula, and yet as fresh and new as a new born baby.

(262) The Epitome Of Womanhood

Could I not love a world that engendered her?
She is fashioned the best of all possible worlds.
The sun is in her hair,
The sky in her eyes,
And roses in her cheeks.

Her smile is more pleasant than a Spring day.
The harmony of her features
Could only be likened to a moonlit night.
Earth is hallowed by the presence of such a fond being.
It speaks well of Creation that she exists.

Fancy could not paint
A fairer image than she.
In that face peace and innocence reign.
She is the epitome of womanhood in all her glory.
The beauty of Nature pales before her.

It is the sole purpose of light to reveal her face.
It is the purpose of sound to carry her voice.
It is the purpose of air that she might breathe.
It is the purpose of the ground as a surface for her feet.
It is the purpose of the world that she might live.

Such fairness is too exquisite
For this cruel world of pain and death.
I shudder to think that she
More glorious than the sun
Is vulnerable to sickness, age, and the grave.

(263) Virtue

What we love most in people is virtue. It makes them beautiful. It refines their features and their manners. We cannot describe the reason why, but those who lack virtue grate our senses. A kind of falsity is manifest in their actions and shines from their eyes.

Beauty is the complete harmony of the inner and the outer person. This is what we love in people. It strikes our senses with joy and peace. We feel happy in their presense. We trust them. We believe in them. Our heart quite naturally reaches out to them and seeks to be illuminated by them.

Instinctively we sense that they are the noblest work of God, and if there is anything worthy of honor it is they. In our wayward trek through life the encountering of these beautiful souls is the only worthwhile thing.

(264) Friends

Friends make all other assets inconsequential. If you have one friend, good friend, you may be poor, stupid, nothing, but yet you are happy, because you have earth's highest prize, friendship. Strangely enough in this fast moving world with all our incalculable ambitions, we lose sight of the importance of friendship which in itself is the entire meaning of life.

Friendship elevates us from our present status to a sphere far beyond anything mean or lowly, to somewhere beyond the animal within us and very near the divine. Every step we take toward friendship dignifies us, while every motion we make toward enmity dehumanizes us.

The encouragement of a friend inspires us to go beyond ourselves, and to act inspite of our fears, doubts, and the obstacles in the way. Friendship in one way or another is the magic solution to our problems.

A friend gives reason and meaning to life, and hope and solace to the downcast. A friend gives faith to the unbeliever, and peace to the troubled. A friend by being present lends warmth to the cold and light to the night.

Friendship can change, heal, and make better overnight what could not be performed otherwise in many years, if ever. Friendship can succeed in doing what force and arms could never hope to do. A friend lifts a burden of sadness with a smile, and instills a vestige of new courage with a word.

The genuine sincerity of a true friend canot help but inspire, uplift, and give new hope. Odd how in the presense of a friend how much brighter the world seems, and how much happier we feel. As if the world were made for us, such is our feeling when we are with a friend.

(265) Lost Horizons

No more I see the sky
As the extent of my eye,
Now I see only in part,
Closed and forbidden is my heart.

No hope does linger long,
No more dreams to me belong,
I have lost my far sight,
There is left for me the darker night.

No more I see afar,
I have no longer the power,
It has passed away,
What hope I had of future day.

I see only despair,
To me nothing more be fair,
Somewhere along the line
I wasted away what was fine.
No light is shining for me;
At one time I could view
Across several worlds or two.

Now cast within my mind
I but a small viewpoint find.
The distant horizon
Is lost with my setting sun.

Perhaps not all hope is gone,
And I will survive until dawn,
And with God helping me
I will the far horizon see.

(266) The Wild Rose

Across the fields of clover the wild rose grows, and I believe, though some may doubt, the air is sweeter there. Day is forever dawning there, and the bees are in love with that brair as all around seems happier too. I walk and I come upon the wild rose as lovely as a bride fresh and beaming in the sun.

From the unkind world I stray and smile upon the rose, and I might be wrong, but I feel the rose smiles back at me. Our life is short from the cradle to the grave. Confusion, anger, pain, fear all our lot until death no more horrible than life seems. Yet, there is the wild rose, a hopeful, beautiful thing, and if the wild rose lives then I think some good is in this place.

Perhaps life can be lived on a plane that serene in which no malice would mar the fairness of each day, and we to our thoughts may turn, and find in them a brightness like onto the rose with never a hint of the gray.

(267) Rainbows

Rainbows are ever that glory just beyond. Viewing a rainbow lifts us from our earthly condition, and we travel in fancy to to what might have been, or to what might yet be. A rainbow seems to say life is better than we suppose, and seems to proclaim victory.

Rainbows make us cognizant of life's glory, revealing that all is not mean and lowly, and that a human being may rise higher than the clouds if he has faith. Desperation is not seen in the rainbow as it denies all the evil that men have hinted at, and puts away the doubt that hangs about us.

Believe, this is the rainbow's message, and all good things are possible. All is not selfishness, greed, and brutality the rainbow seems to plead. Behold the beauty in the sky, and lift up your heart as well as your eyes.

When people disappoint us, and the world seems unfeeling, then oftentimes it is our good fortune to catch sight of a rainbow which renews our hope. Rainbows are gifts that come just at the right time to save us from our despondency. They instill in us an awareness that God still cares for us, for He loves us enough to show us a rainbow.

(268) Wildflowers

For the blessed wildflwers that inhabit the lonely places I have much love. After walking beneath the sun and sky, and near the trees and grass with the birds singing about, and the wind in its eternal quest, then spying a flower, wild and free, a rare bit of beauty, truly this must be life's most lovely moment.

Tell me not of hatred and strife, for I have been where the wildflower grows as sweet as the morning air. It grows away far from the clamoring voices nestled in a verdant haven with none of its admirers rude nor rash, and none desposed to tear it from its stalk.

It, a silent gentle form, lovely in sight and contemplation, speaks of heaven in that modest setting, and of glories for which the wide world has no equal. Life, in winding to and fro, has forebodings of darkness on every hand, but the wildflower is bright as there is brilliance where it grows.

A gem, a precious jewel, is the wildflower, growing to cheer the thrush and quail, the oak and clinging vine, and as a blessing for the bee. At home there, away from mortal man, the wildflower graces the uninhabited countryside, and is content to reveal its beauty to simple, gentle things. To come upon a wildflower so peaceful and blessed in its natural state is to be removed from the tumultuous world of people both in mind and spirit.

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